Engage Process



Lifetime Financial Planning is a journey that begins with understanding and awareness. This is on two levels. The starting point is an in-depth meeting with your lifetime planner. We start by collecting information about what you really want from life. We will discuss your current financial situation as well as what may impact upon it in the future. The more detailed and complete the information that you give us at this stage, the better our subsequent analysis will be. This initial discussion will start to lead you to a greater awareness of how your finances project forward. It is our aim to help you understand that with detailed, high-quality and consistent planning, you really can achieve your financial goals.


Life Plan Analysis

During this stage we take the information you have given us and using sophisticated tools and financial modelling software, we will spend time to map out your desired future goals. We build in any potential hurdles and life events such as high cost one-off spends or potential windfalls. We also examine potential threats to income such as death or serious illness. We then carefully prepare a report detailing your life plan, whether you are able to achieve it and some possible changes that can be made to ensure your dreams come to life.



Presenting this report is often a huge turning point. This is when many of our clients have a sudden realisation that if they make certain changes and adopt certain disciplines then they can map out a successful financial future. They can also ensure success by taking steps to protect against any possible threats. At this point, we will make our initial recommendations as to the changes you need to consider, and our thoughts on what you might have to do now to ensure your life plan becomes reality, no matter what happens. For many this is an easy decision, although we appreciate that it is not a light one and we understand that this may take some time to sink in. Before moving forward, at this point we ask that you not only fully understand your life plan, but are committed to making the changes necessary for this to work.


Let's Plan

This is the moment the plan begins, an exciting start to the journey towards the financial future you desire. Whatever this stage entails – and it will be different for each person and unique to you – we will hold your hand as we implement the necessary changes and recommendations. Following implementation a detailed review diary will then be put together where your lifetime planner will take time to monitor the progress of your plan and forward plan. This is the key to success – making a lifetime financial plan requires regular and consistent attention. It is not a single ‘silver-bullet’ that can be addressed in one go. This is why it is important that you really commit to the journey to ensure success.


Forward Planning

Following the implementation of your lifetime plan, it is really important that we hold forward planning meetings whenever necessary. The frequency of these vary from plan to plan and whilst in the main once a year should be enough, it is important to understand there may be events that fall outside of the standard annual forward planning meeting that need to be addressed separately. At your forward planning meeting, your lifetime financial planner will review the previous year and the success of your plan so far. It is important to update the information we hold about you and take into account any significant events that have occurred in the meantime. We will also discuss how your goals and aspirations have changed, so that we can adjust your plan to ensure any new goals or events are taken into account and planned for properly.



This is where you celebrate not only the achievement of your lifetime financial goals and events, but also the success of your plan. Your Lifetime financial planner will take time to reaffirm your successes and where possible share a little of them with you.

These are big moments and time should be taken to recognise them.