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August 2022

August Market Commentary

Introduction As many readers know, this Bulletin is written from notes we compile throughout the month. One of the most interesting aspects of this is the occasional feeling of ‘was that really this month’ as we start to write the Bulletin. So it was this month. The race to replace Boris Johnson seems to have…

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Interest Rates Tipped to top 2% in the Next Year

As the inflation crisis in the UK has deepened, the Bank of England has been forced to act decisively by hiking interest rates. In December 2021, interest rates stood at 0.1 per cent, but they’ve since been raised five times and now stand at 1.25 per cent. So the question on everyone’s lips right now…

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Is the World About to Re-align?

It is now more than four months since Russia invaded Ukraine. As all readers will know, sanctions swiftly followed, designed to bring the Russian economy to its knees and choke off funding for the country’s military machine. Clearly that hasn’t happened: many high-profile Western companies have left Russia, but plenty have stayed, and continue to…

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