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December 2021

December Market Commentary

Introduction  November was a month when supplies of both oil and gas – or the lack of them – dominated the news. You will read several comments below about the threat of inflation. In many countries, it is reaching levels not seen for two or three decades, and the escalating price of oil and gas…

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Business Leaders and Staff Split on Post-Pandemic Challenges

The pandemic has shifted the dial considerably in terms of what many people want and expect from their employer. For many, being forced to work from home has been a game-changer, and lots of people have discovered they really like the better work-life balance it has given them. The pandemic has also placed a renewed…

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Inflation: Just how High Could it Go?

As the world’s economies recover from the pandemic, there seems to be one spectre that is haunting them all: the threat of inflation. In China, factory gate prices are at their highest level for 26 years. Early in November, it was reported that US inflation had risen to 6.2%, rising at its fastest rate for…

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