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June 2021

Economic update

How Quickly Will Economies and Markets Bounce Back?

At time of writing, the UK’s FTSE 100 index of leading shares is at 6,882 – up 7% on where it ended 2020. In the US the Dow Jones index is up 11% for the year at 33,821 with other major markets around the world also making significant gains in the first four months of…

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The benefit of penisons

Pensions as a Force For Good

Many in the financial services industry will remember the first advice we were taught to give clients: ‘Save first, and then spend what’s left. Don’t do it the other way round.’ Or words to that effect… The problem was, of course, that many people were not good savers, especially when it came to saving for…

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June Market Commentary

In some ways, May was a relatively quiet month. Although, it did bring us the marriage of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the first PM to marry in office since Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, in 1822. Having eaten a slice of wedding cake and gone straight back to the office, Boris Johnson will be…

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