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October 2020

Three hidden ways that Covid could damage your financial security

The COVID crash has threatened the prosperity of millions across the country. While government support measures have gone some way to mitigate its effects, there has been an unseen level of redundancies and a recession of historical proportions. However, some of the financial consequences will be slightly more insidious as the impacts slowly ripple outwards…

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The Chancellor’s Winter Economic Plan

In December 2019, the Conservatives won an 80 seat majority in the General Election and three months later, new Chancellor Rishi Sunak presented his first Budget. But by then there was a large cloud on the horizon – the outbreak of Covid-19. The Chancellor used his Budget speech in March to present a raft of…

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The way companies prioritise wellbeing has changed hugely since the start of lockdown

There was a time when British office workers would “ooh” and “ah” over online videos of trendy tech firm offices late on a Friday afternoon. You know, the kind with desks accessed via a slide or a running track surrounding the work space. However, lockdown has revealed that what workers value as contributing towards their…

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Image rights… How HMRC recouped £73m from football

A freedom of information request from accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young found that HMRC investigated 246 professional footballers during the 2019/20 tax year, up from 87 the previous year. The main focus of HMRC’s activity was on image rights, extra revenue which is used to supplement players’ contractual wages. Image rights have been a tax…

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