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October 2022

Will your iPhone ever be truly secure?

Last month brought us yet another iPhone hacking story. Apple were forced to admit that they had discovered a serious security vulnerability in both iPhones and iPads that could let hackers take full control of the devices. According to Apple, an application could ‘execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges’. The kernel of an operating system…

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How does the falling pound affect me?

The pound went into freefall after Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s Mini Budge, with news of a raft of tax cuts at a time of soaring inflation and rising interest rates sending chills through the markets. For many, talk of financial markets, exchange rates and the value of the currency can seem very remote and abstract. But…

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October Market Commentary

Speaking to journalists at a lobby briefing in 1964 – when the sterling crisis was raging – Prime Minister Harold Wilson famously said “a week is a long time in politics”. What, then, is a month? Especially a month like September 2022 when enough happened to fill a year’s worth of Bulletins. In the UK,…

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