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September 2020

How to Change Your Post-COVID Business Strategy

Coronavirus has had a far reaching impact on every aspect of our lives. As a business owner, you may have been unable to trade throughout lockdown, or you may have realised that your old model is no longer feasible. Many businesses will need to completely rethink their strategy in order to survive the new world….

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Four Tips to Preserve Cash Flow in Your Small Business

Cash has always been king in running a business, especially when SMEs typically only have a 27 day cash buffer, according to JP Morgan. As businesses struggle to cope with the after effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we look at four key areas in maintaining a positive cash flow. Measure your position Thinking about the…

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What is the Government’s Future Fund for Tech Start-Ups?

In spring, the government unveiled the Future Fund. This landmark scheme will issue convertible loans to normally quick growing tech startups that are suffering due to the COVID-19 crisis. The government sees the UK’s fastest growing and innovative companies as a key part of the recovery process. The government will make an initial £250 million…

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Why Business Owners Fail to Plan Their Retirement

Company directors and owners of SMEs make plans and do forecasts all the time. Cash flow forecasts, SWOT analyses, plans for renewals and refurbishment; there’s hardly a day when they’re not eyeball to eyeball with a spreadsheet. So why do so many of them fail to plan their own retirements properly? In our experience company…

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