Investment Updates

Regular investment updates and market views for private clients.

April 2020

Coronavirus Update | April 16th 2020

We find ourselves in the midst of a striking rally in the S&P 500 which has retraced 27% since the market lows on the 23rd of March, regaining over half the losses since its peak in February. The FTSE 100 has been more pedestrian in comparison being only up 13% from its lowest point. The…

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Portfolio Management FAQ | April 9th 2020

What catalyst, or catalysts, are you looking for to move the portfolios from a defensive to a more neutral or even a positive positioning? The key thing we are looking for is stability in markets. Focusing on the equity market volatility first, it has been beyond the levels seen in 2008 and 2009 which at…

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Coronavirus Update | April 9th 2020

Markets continue to be amazingly volatile with the S&P climbing 7% on Monday this week. In general, we do not expect to see market changes of that magnitude in a bull market; they are much more associated with bear markets and we are probably not out of the woods yet. In addition, we are facing…

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Coronavirus Update | April 2nd 2020

There is some sense that markets are beginning to feel somewhat calmer, although the daily swings in markets we are continuing to see confirm that the volatility experienced over recent weeks is not over. Politicians are increasingly referring to the efforts to counter the effects of Covid-19 as a war on the coronavirus. It might…

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