Investment Updates

Regular investment updates and market views for private clients.

July 2020

Square Mile Update | July 31st

While stock markets globally remain very alert to any developments related to Covid-19, it is interesting to note that despite the emergence and acceleration of the infection rate of the virus, particularly in the southern states of the US, the market reaction to any economic implications has been subdued. This is very different to the…

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Square Mile Update | July 31st Fund Review

Given the onging global uncertainty, it is worth highlighting a defensive strategy that is widely held within the Square Mile portfolios, the AXA Sterling Credit Short Duration fund. This fund is well suited to investors who are willing to tolerate some level of volatility but are looking for higher levels of income than cash. It…

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Square Mile Update | July 16th

Markets have been incredibly volatile, and they remain elevated, which can present challenges in the creation of strategic asset allocation models. Essentially, strategic asset allocation models fall into one of two broad categories with quite distinct, characteristics: The first tend to be static and will only change at a fixed point in time and are…

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Square Mile Update | July 16th: Fund Review

We find the TwentyFour Corporate Bond fund attractive for a number of reasons. First, it is managed by an impressive team led by Chris Bowie, who in our view is a highly experienced investment professional.  He is supported by four analysts dedicated to researching sterling corporate bonds and who enjoy the backing of the broader…

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