Investment Updates

Regular investment updates and market views for private clients.

June 2020

Coronavirus Update | June 18th: Absolute Return

Those who regularly monitor the performance of absolute return funds have become accustomed to them not meeting expectations and the first quarter of 2020 was no exception. There are 120 funds within the IA Targeted Absolute Return sector and of these, only 23 gave a positive return over that period. While this might seem disappointing,…

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Coronavirus Update | June 11th 2020

There has been a strong global market recovery, with the US market now in positive territory for the year. Much of the impetus behind the global market rally has come from government policy responses. As these policy responses are nearing an end, we expect negative news flow to come to the fore. This leads us…

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Coronavirus Update | June 5th: Responsible Future Portfolio

Square Mile’s Responsible Future portfolio was launched a month before the UK population was placed under lockdown.  How has it fared since and how is the strategy set to meet future challenges? The Square Mile Responsible Future portfolio comprises a significant number of funds that have been awarded a Square Mile Responsible rating. This rating…

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Coronavirus Update | June 5th: Sustainable Investments

In what way does the current crisis represent a watershed within society and how does this influence the investment opportunities that might be of interest? Travel, retailers and hospitality have been among the worst affected sectors within the economy during this pandemic. These sectors also tend to employ large workforces on relatively modest wages and…

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