Investment Updates

Regular investment updates and market views for private clients.

July 2020 2

Portfolio Update | July

Turning to the portfolio, there has been an unusual level of activity over the quarter, as we start the process of restructuring it to reflect the new environment. There have been a number of changes to the fixed income component, repositioning towards funds where we feel prospects are more attractive. We have also upped the…

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Financial Market Square Mile Update | July

Financial markets performed strongly over the quarter as they recovered their poise following the frenetic selling that occurred in March. Economic activity is rebounding and markets have responded favourably to the determination displayed by governments and central banks to support businesses and consumers through this period. Prices of bonds issued by solid companies have recovered,…

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Coronavirus Update | July 2nd: Multi Asset Update

Square Mile’s Academy of Funds and new ideas list cover a range of different multi-asset strategies in terms of risk profile, objectives and outcomes. Therefore, there is frequently some divergence in views from manager to manager. However, over the course of our recent discussions with multi-asset fund managers, we have noted a number of common…

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Coronavirus Update | July 2nd: Fixed Income Update

Over the first half of 2020, the fixed income managers we have interviewed have gone through three distinct phases. Initially, during the market sell-off of late February and March, their focus was on trying to ensure they had sufficient liquidity within their portfolios. Then, from the end of March, throughout April and to a lesser…

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