Investment Updates

Regular investment updates and market views for private clients.

May 2020

Coronavirus Update | May 21st 2020

As of today, the FTSE 100 stands at around 6,000, 20% down from its pre-Covid-19 highs, while in the US, the S&P 500 is currently resting at around 3,000, down 15% or so. In our view, it seems remarkable that markets are operating back at such levels. Indeed, if markets did bottom out towards the…

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Coronavirus Update | May 15th 2020

Markets have rallied from their recent lows, and valuations are arguably too high: is there the danger that these valuations will be driven even higher given the lack of options open to investors? It is true that markets have enjoyed a strong recovery, particularly in the US, and perhaps to an extent that we might…

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Coronavirus Update | May 7th 2020

With the FTSE 100 standing at around 6,000, Square Mile has said that the market feels somewhat overvalued.  What are the signs that you are looking for to enable you to buy in on weakness? It is fair to say that at Square Mile we do not just look at market valuations. While these measures…

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Coronavirus Update | May 1st 2020

Dividends are normally a reliable indicator of company health. Most of the time, dividends are paid, only cut in the direst of circumstances. Company shares frequently suffer very badly when this happens so during most market crises, dividends are very rarely reduced. To put this into context, during the 2008 financial crash they fell by…

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