Investment Updates

Regular investment updates and market views for private clients.

June 2020 2

Coronavirus Update | June 25th: Research Update

Market uncertainty during the Covid-19 crisis has brought many fresh concerns to front of mind, and Square Mile’s portfolio management team has been focused on the investment journey that clients experience and the best way to navigate it from here onwards. One of the very long-term trends that they have incorporated into their thinking is…

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Coronavirus Update | June 25th: Market Update

In an environment of heightened volatility, which has alarmed relatively inexperienced investors, what themes should they consider to benefit from growth over the medium to longer-term? Markets continue to be challenging, particularly for those with little experience of such extreme conditions. Market volatility is elevated and sits at levels that are twice as high as…

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Coronavirus Update | June 18th: Market Update

Key changes in the portfolios: Markets appear to have stabilised since sell-off last week, supporting our decision to proceed with the de-risk across the portfolios to the order of 2 to 3% in equities. Reducing emerging market equity exposures and introducing a sustainable investing fund into the portfolio and decreasing the UK passive exposure. Increasing…

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