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December 2020

Spending Review

Spelling out the Chancellor’s Spending Review

Introduction  On Wednesday, November 25th Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered his Spending Review for next year to the House of Commons. In the absence of an Autumn Budget, the statement to the Commons set out the Government’s spending commitments for 2021/22. The Chancellor had announced some time ago that there would not be a formal Budget…

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How The Markets Have Reacted to The 2020 US Election

After a tumultuous election which saw some unexpected results such as Georgia swinging in the Democrats’ favour, and protests at polling stations which involved chants of both “Count the votes!” and “Stop the count!” the dust has begun to settle, somewhat. Many of President Trump’s series of lawsuits contesting results in states such as Wisconsin…

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Celebrating Christmas Under Covid

It’s safe to say that Christmas 2020 is no usual Christmas. With the latest updates from the Government suggesting that families will be able to meet at Christmas and enjoy the company of up to three households between 23rd and 27th December, there may at least be some level of normality for those who choose…

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December Market Commentary

Introduction  Is the end of November a time to celebrate? All the stock markets we cover in the Bulletin made significant gains in the month; the UK’s second national lockdown ends this week and, as we write, Christmas is a little over three weeks away. Or is the glass half-empty? We’re going to come out…

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