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December 2022

Could professional financial advice help you through the cost of living crisis?

With soaring inflation and rising interest rates, many people are feeling justifiably anxious about making ends meet. That’s partly because the key triggers of the cost of living crisis are beyond our control – so it’s easy to start feeling completely helpless. But there is something you can do – speaking to a regulated, professional…

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December Market Commentary

War? Soaring energy and food prices? Covid surging in China and people taking to the streets in protest? Worries about a prolonged recession here in the UK? In November, there was plenty for world stock markets to worry about – but, as we will see below, the markets largely shrugged aside the concerns, with some…

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What is the inheritance tax nil rate band?

The inheritance tax nil rate band, also known as the inheritance tax threshold, is currently £325,000, or £650,000 for a married couple. If your estate is worth more than this amount, you will be liable to pay inheritance tax, with the part of the estate above the nil rate band being taxed at a rate…

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Top 5 excuses for not having a will

If you don’t have a will in place, it could be because you’ve just not got round to it yet. But you’d be surprised at how many people actively choose not to write a will, often for quite flimsy and questionable reasons. So we wanted to highlight some of the most common excuses for not…

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