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Newsletter | 2019

Diversify Your ‘Life Portfolio’ for a Happy Retirement

It goes without saying that being in a strong financial position in later life is important for a happy retirement. After all, it’s hard to be truly happy if you’re constantly worrying about money and having to devise new ways to make ends meet. However, money isn’t everything. Even if you have your finances under…

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Going Dutch: A New Type of Pension

Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd has given the go-ahead for Dutch-style pension schemes to be offered to UK employees. Collective Defined Contribution schemes are a ‘halfway house’ between defined contribution and ‘gold-plated’ defined benefit schemes. They are similar to defined contribution pensions in that employer and employee make a regular contribution to a savings pot….

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How Safe Are Your Savings?

With your capital tucked away in savings accounts, investments and mortgages, you’d assume that there is some kind of protection in place. But exactly how safe are your savings in the event of, for example, an authorised financial services firm going bust? That’s exactly what happened during the 2008 banking crisis, and UK taxpayers had…

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Spring Market Commentary

UK: Unless you’re lucky enough to have spent the month in a peaceful place of extreme isolation, we’re sure you’re aware of the Brexit chaos currently taking place in Westminster. As at the time of writing, nothing has been agreed in parliament and all is very much liable to change. Of course, the eventual outcome will…

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