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January 2020

What Survived From the Original Pension Schemes Bill?

You may have read various headlines about the Pensions Bill, which was first announced in the Queen’s Speech in October. Its progress was subsequently halted with the calling of the General Election but it has now been confirmed by the Queen and is on its way to becoming law. Given all the back and forth,…

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Do You Really Need an Accountant?

Not sure whether or not you actually need an accountant? Here are some important considerations. So, if you’ve set up a limited company, must you have an accountant? By law, no, you don’t require one. It’s not a statutory obligation. But you must prepare an annual set of accounts which need to be filed with…

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Are You Ready for the End of the Tax Year?

The tax year will end on April 5th. Are you confident that you have made appropriate preparations and maximised your tax allowances? Here are some of the allowances that you should consider: The Marriage Allowance You can transfer £1,250 of your Personal Allowance to your spouse or civil partner if they earn more than you…

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Will the New Government Impact VAT?

After an election, especially if the winning party has a large majority, there is often speculation that major changes to the tax system, including VAT, may be made. But, while there is talk that certain personal taxes such as inheritance tax and capital gains tax may be addressed in the forthcoming budget, industry experts believe…

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