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July 2020

June Markets in Brief

As much of the West continues to tentatively emerge from months of lockdown measures, June has been an altogether more positive month when it comes to economic news. All the markets we report on rose during the month and the media focus strayed from coronavirus to other global issues, suggesting a steady emergence from the…

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Retirement Planning in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has signalled the dawn of a worrying time for everyone. As well as anxiety about our own health and the wellbeing of our loved ones, many of us are understandably worried about the financial future. Recent stock market turbulence is concerning for all investors, but particularly for those who are in defined…

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The Stock Market: Focus on the Escalator, Not the Yo-Yo!

“The stock market is like someone playing with a yo-yo whilst riding the up escalator. The secret is to focus on the escalator and not the yo-yo! Of course, you need to know which escalator you’re on. Otherwise both are pointless.” Think of the escalator as the stock market itself, gradually moving upwards. It’s been…

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5 Companies That Impressed Us During Lockdown

Corporate social responsibility has become a key focus for companies in in recent years. More than ever, consumers are looking to shop at businesses who make a real difference to society and have that feel good factor. During the coronavirus pandemic, the country has pulled together to support the most vulnerable as well as key workers on the front line. These…

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