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May 2023

Teach your children good financial habits

Wanting to look after your family is one of the most natural impulses in the world, and that’s one reason why you’ll want to make sure your finances are in order, so you can provide for them after you’re gone. But another way to help your loved ones is to instill good financial habits into…

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May Market Commentary

Introduction High inflation continued to put the brakes on growth in many major economies throughout April, with the International Monetary Fund expecting global growth to fall from 3.4% in 2022 to 2.8% in 2023. As always, let’s drill down a bit further and take a closer look at what’s been going on across the globe……

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Will interest rates ever start to fall?

Interest rates have been heading in one direction for more than a year now, rising from 0.1 per cent in December 2021 to 4.25 per cent today. That’s had a very real and tangible impact on households in the form of higher mortgage repayments, and also pushed up the cost of borrowing for businesses too….

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What should you think about before retiring abroad?

Retiring abroad is a common ambition. You’ve paid your dues for many years and you feel you deserve your time in the sun – quite literally. But moving overseas in later life isn’t quite as simple as just packing your suitcase and jetting off. There are plenty of things you should think about beforehand, so…

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