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November 2020

How Brexit May Affect The Stock Exchanges

As the UK is set to depart from the frameworks of the EU, there is concern amidst London’s biggest share trading venues surrounding the topic of where they may be able to buy and sell European stocks and where they may not. The dilemma In order for trading to continue as normal, the EU would…

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How To Read More Books

If you want to read more books, you’re not alone. An American survey found that more than a third of adults report a desire to read more books. This put book reading second only to exercise as far as ‘wished for’ activities go. And in a similar study back across the Atlantic, in France, 65%…

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Later Life Care Could Cost £1,000 a Week. How Can Britain Afford This?

Covid-19 has made the country’s broken social care system an important political subject, one that urgently needs solving. As with all complex political subjects, the solution will be far from simple. Most recently, the government has announced that it is considering a new approach to the care funding crisis – they are considering taxing the…

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November Market Commentary

Introduction  The end of October brought plenty of bad news for Western economies as scientists stood in front of graphs and talked of ‘inexorable rises’ and ‘exponential increases.’ Unsurprisingly, stock markets duly took note. We report on 12 major stock markets and only two, India and Hong Kong were up in October, with all the…

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