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October 2020

September Markets in Brief

If we looked at this month’s news from an objective standpoint, we’d expect it to have been a rather bad one for the global economy. After all, this was a month where coronavirus continued its march around the world with US cases reaching a morbid 6 million. Japan, the world’s third largest economy, recorded its…

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Minimum age for pensions freedoms rises to 57

The government has confirmed that the minimum age for drawing a personal pension is to rise to 57 in 2028. Savers who pay into a personal pension either directly or through their workplace can currently access their money at 55. However, the government plans to raise the age as a result of increased life expectancy….

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The changing face of financial advice

This article discusses how financial advisers across the nation have adapted to continue to deliver a valuable service at a period of upheaval which hasn’t been seen since the Second World War. Covid-19 has completely changed the way financial planners deliver advice. At the drop of a hat, the industry had to embrace years’ worth…

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How long term home working will affect your finances

There’s a chance that many workplaces may never return to office. Several prominent tech firms have already said that their staff can continue to work from home even after the pandemic and the evidence suggests that a large number of other employers are thinking the same thing. Essentially, the pandemic accelerated an already established shift…

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