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September 2022

Will my partner inherit everything if I die without a Will?

Couples who live together but aren’t married sometimes refer to their boyfriend or girlfriend as their common law partner. But what does that actually mean in legal terms? Well, to be blunt, not a lot, as you’re not related to your partner either by blood or by marriage. So if you die suddenly, they won’t…

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Teach your kids good financial habits as they head to uni

You’ve worked hard to be able to afford to send your child to university, and now the time has come for them to fly the nest and strike out on their own. So naturally, you’ll want them to start their adult life with good financial habits. Here are a few bits of wisdom you could…

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Will Russia Really Turn off Europe’s Gas?

At the end of July, Gazprom – the largest publicly listed natural gas supplier in the world and majority-owned by the Russian state – stopped supplying gas to Latvia. It had earlier reduced its supplies to Germany, prompting many German cities and states to cut consumption. Turning off the hot water and heating in public…

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September Market Commentary

  August started with US Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan. We comment on China’s reaction below – and we also describe the environmental and economic challenges facing the country. With domestic crises brewing at home, some commentators have noted the convenience of an external crisis for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). “The position of the…

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