Engage Process


Discovery Phase

Split into two parts we will offer a free initial consultation (either face to face or on the telephone) to discuss the services we can provide and what you can expect from us. Your adviser will discuss your situation and how we can help you achieve your goals and the process involved. Following this meeting, we will outline our discussion and layout our fees for the service we have discussed.

Once you are completely happy with the process, our fee structure and the agreed scope of work we will move onto part 2, full discovery where you will undergo a detailed fact-gathering exercise. Our objective here is to learn about and understand you. The more we know about you, your motivations, your priorities, your plans and aspirations, the better equipped we will be to provide you with advice which is suitable and appropriate. We will ask you to provide us with information about your existing plans and policies and will obtain your consent for us to investigate these with the providers as necessary.


Assessment Phase

Your adviser, supported by our research team, will analyse your financial plans, taking into account factors such as your risk profile, previous investment experience and plans for the future. The assessment will include a consideration of the suitability of any existing arrangements you have in place and identification of any shortfalls or gaps in your financial planning. Using this information, your adviser will formulate a tailor-made financial plan with the aim of meeting your objectives. The recommendation may be specific to a particular area of your financial planning that requires immediate attention or could involve an assessment of your entire finances providing a strategic overview with a range of action points to be addressed over time.

Your adviser will provide you with a written recommendation in the form of a personalised Financial Planning Report, which will normally be presented to you at a meeting.Your adviser will take you through the key aspects of the recommendation, including the features and risks of any products recommended, all of which are summarised in your Report. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss future actions. Subject to prior agreement, the assessment may include the following


Implementation Phase

Having explained our recommendations to you, and obtaining your agreement to proceed, we liaise with any third parties in order to implement your plans efficiently. We will assist with the completion of any relevant application forms and documentation necessary to implement our advice. Finally, we carry out a further check that all the information is correct and accurate before submission to the relevant provider or appropriate third party.


Review Phase

We strongly recommend a robust review process is put in place to ensure that your objectives remain in view and your plans evolve over time, as your circumstances change. As part of our commitment to building long-term relationships, we feel that an ongoing review service adds significant value to both individuals and businesses. The benefit of a regular review is
to continually develop and evolve beneficial planning strategies and monitor existing strategies to ensure they remain appropriate. Changes in your personal circumstances, career and health can alter your objectives, as well as developments in economic conditions, legislation and taxation.

In line with our service agreement, we will regularly provide up to date valuations of all the investments products held, whilst assessing the suitability of any protection products. The regularity of your review service will depend on your requirements and will be agreed with you at outset. Our advisers aim to deliver a clear concise appraisal of your planning strategy including the performance of any relevant investments held against agreed benchmarks.