Estate Planning Audit

Have you written a will? Are you considering writing a will? Writing a will is relatively straight forward and should cost less than a couple of hundred pounds. A will is designed to ensure your wishes are carried out on death and your estate ends up in the hands of the people you want it to. In reality, does it really ensure all of your wishes are carried out. There is often more to think about.

If you consider the possible path of an inheritance, there could be more than one generation who benefit. Most wills are simple in design and consider only the immediate family inheritance, is that really enough?

Ask yourself if a basic will is enough to protect your hard-earned wealth and ensure your estate is inherited as you wish. It’s important to explore the options available to you.

Our Estate Planning Audit explores every possible scenario, including:

  • Reviewing a current will
  • Writing a will for the first time
  • Bloodline or generational planning
  • Use of trusts to protect assets
  • Gifting opportunities
  • Inheritance tax mitigation

Our Estate Planning Audit will highlight all potential scenarios for your consideration, outline your options and suggest an encompassing framework. Try it, it’s free!

‘The FCA does not regulate all aspects of Estate Planning.’