What we do

Online benefits platforms provide greater access, flexibility and choice within existing benefits packages. Using mobile technology allows employers to deliver tailored communication of existing Core & Voluntary Benefits and provide 24/7 access to information and tools. We believe this will ensure your staff receive the best possible experience. Let’s take that one step further and introduce HR functionality, such as a holiday management system. We believe this can help you make cost and efficiency savings through improved administration and enrolment.

Ernest Grant can help develop loyalty within your workforce and set you apart in a competitive employment market. We work closely with companies to create an environment of engagement, motivation and recognition, helping employers retain a happy and committed workforce. We’ll build on your existing rewards & benefits structure by introducing exciting voluntary benefits and a wide range of innovative tools, HR functionality and much more, all built into a branded mobile friendly benefits platform.

A modular approach to benefits platforms

Modular Benefits: Health & Wellbeing

Work can have a positive and sometimes negative impact on our health and wellbeing. It’s also true that outside influences can affect employees, such as everyday financial, family and health pressures. Healthy and well-motivated employees can have an equally positive impact on the productivity and the overall effectiveness of a business.

We help employers build strategies using everything from health products, counselling programmes, healthy living initiatives, financial education and much, much more.

Modular Benefits: Pension Support

It’s one thing having an employer sponsored pension and it’s another being able to make informed decisions like ‘should I increase my contribution?’ or ‘what investment fund should I consider?

Our solutions bring your pension provision and the options your staff have to life, through the use of our award winning technology on any device they choose to use. With innovative tools and a defined joining process, the landscape of pension engagement is changing.

Modular Benefits: Voluntary & Flexible Benefits

You may already have a reasonable range of ‘core’ employer-sponsored benefits in place; these may include Group Life Assurance, Critical Illness and/or Private Medical Insurance etc.

However, imagine if at the click of a button your staff could choose to enhance that benefit, or even add spousal or family cover. We believe flexible benefit selections help to increase engagement and really ‘buy-in’ your employees to the benefits you provide.

Modular Benefits: Online Payslips and TRS

Deliver current and historic payslips and pay-related documents securely to a mobile device, anytime, 24/7, on-time and efficiently. Helping an employee understand the true value of their rewards & benefits package increases loyalty and adds a tremendous amount of value.

A real-time, digital, total reward statement gives your staff the message you want them to have. ‘We don’t just pay you, we do much more’.

Modular Benefits: HR Hub

Often employees aren’t quick to let you their employer know that something in their life has changed. How often do you find that an employee moved some time ago and hasn’t been receiving important correspondence you have been sending? Or that however hard you try they never provide an email address.

Our HR Hub allows employee self-service options for your staff. Giving them the ability to update personal details wherever and whenever they like from their mobile device. Directly updating their individual HR records with data that is important and relevant to their employment, such as bank records, emergency contacts, address, next of kin and anything you, their employer, believe is important.

Modular Benefits: Holiday & Absence Management

Manage holiday booking processes and absence management more efficiently. Manual processes can be time-consuming and costly. Our digital solutions streamline the process and save both time and money.

Our solutions give staff the ability to book time off using desktop, mobile or tablet devices and HR or line management the ability to manage requests. Team calendars can be viewed at the touch of a button.

Modular Benefits: Reward & Recognition

Often, one of the simplest ways to motivate your staff is to demonstrate that you recognise and reward employees who go "above and beyond".

Our online tools allow you to reward & motivate staff with cost-effective rewards, delivered in real time and with a gift that you know they'll appreciate.

Benefits & rewards at your fingertips!

  • Bring your benefits & rewards package to life using our award winning technology.
  • Flexible modular ‘build’ approach to suit your requirements.
  • Enhance your staff’s experience whilst streamlining internal processes.
  • Add exciting voluntary options to your existing core benefits package.
  • Shout about the benefits you provide through real time Total Reward Statements.
  • Increase staff engagement and choice with 24/7 access to information and tools.
  • Make cost and efficiency savings through improved administration and enrolment.

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