Protecting Your Key Staff

All businesses have individuals that are key to the everyday performance and success, income and potential value of the business. You may provide benefits that provide these particular employees’ families with cash should the worst occur BUT… what will the business lose?

Key person insurance is designed to provide financial protection to a business against the death or long-term absence of an employee or director who is vital to the success of the business.

The loss of a key person could have a significant impact on your business and key person insurance be set up to provide capital or an income to cover potential lost revenue plus the costs of sourcing and training a replacement member of staff.

We take the time to understand the risks your business faces and work towards solutions to these issues that offer peace of mind.

  • Managing risk is key to the long term survival of a business.
  • We help you understand the risks your business will face and how to combat them.
  • Keep your business running smoothly by protecting your most valuable assets.
  • Your most valuable assets, your people deserve protection.
  • Combine with critical illness for the most comprehensive cover.