Workplace Pensions & Financial Education

Would staff turnover decrease if employees understood the true value of their employment package? We believe it would! Often, the most valuable benefit within any benefits package is the company sponsored pension scheme, yet it’s frequently the least valued due to lack of engagement and understanding.

We offer a range of services, from simple plug in solutions to full member advice packages. We’re experts in building and communicating workplace pension solutions which help to enhance the value placed on your remuneration strategy. Regardless of whether you want to compliantly tackle Automatic Enrolment at minimal cost, or increase staff engagement through a bespoke solution with a full advice and communication package, our workplace experts are here to help.

Pension Review Services

We advise on the full range of workplace pensions. We offer a full analysis and detailed overview of your existing arrangements, if we can help improve your existing scheme, we will!

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Trust to Contract Based

If you’re looking to reduce the burden of Trusteeship, our experts can help you in the decision-making process, outlining all your considerations and options.

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DB Investment Consultancy

We help scheme Trustees through a defined investment process and detailed strategic review of existing scheme investments and principals.

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Automatic Enrolment

We've developed a range of solutions to help take the burden of automatic enrolment away from employers. Our cost-effective package solutions suit employers of all shapes and sizes.

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Governance & Auditing

Robust scheme governance can reduce risk and costs by ensuring your workplace pension has proper oversight and routinely assessed competitiveness, sustainability and value.

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Financial Education & Advice

We can help you tailor a package of communications to suit the requirements of your workforce, with the aim to drive employee engagement, appreciation and understanding.

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