Financial Education & Advice

Let’s face it, pensions are boring! Well, they don’t have to be! Probably the biggest investment most people will and certainly should ever have is their pension.

Our experience has made it clear to us that employees undervalue their employer-sponsored pension and benefits arrangements. It is often the case that this is due to the lack of the appropriate level of engagement required to make the right decisions.

The problem with workplace pensions is that there’s nobody to really help members understand what they have. We do things differently, with financial & pensions education and communication we aim to excel. If an employer wants to really make a difference to its staff’s financial future we have the answer.

  • Our pension’s gurus can really make a difference.
  • We can build a communication package that suits your business needs.
  • From Workshop’s to one to one advice.
  • Phone based or face to face.
  • Digital solutions.
  • We aim to positively enhance the financial futures of the people we engage with.

In summary, individual engagement and communication is central to our service and the key ingredient that Ernest Grant will add to help you secure the financial future of your company and your employees.

Workplace Pensions are regulated by The Pensions Regulator.