Is recession inevitable following surprise economic growth?


The word “recession” hasn’t been far from the headlines for quite a while now, as the economy struggles to bounce back from the pandemic and soaring inflation hits consumer confidence. But the latest figures have raised some eyebrows. According to the latest official data, the UK economy shrank by 0.3 per cent in the three…

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Control over finances

Do you feel in control of your finances?


Money problems and worries can have a devastating and lasting impact on a person’s life, leading to stress and heartache day after day. Because of this, it’s incredibly important that you’re not left feeling as if your finances are like a runaway juggernaut: out control. Otherwise, you leave yourself vulnerable to a host of further…

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Maths blog - featured image

Could maths education unlock greater financial confidence?


As the cost of living crisis bites, millions of Britons are seeking to make their money work harder for them. But many people lack confidence when it comes to numbers, which can, in turn, harm their efforts to make ends meet and plan for the future. If people aren’t confident handling figures, how can they…

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financial advice myths and misconceptions

Financial advice: Myths and misconceptions


Many people understand what a professional, regulated financial advisor does and the benefits of speaking to one. But at the same time, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding financial planning, which often put people off getting advice themselves. We wanted to explore some of the most common myths we hear around this issue and…

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how to find the right financial adviser for you

How to find the right financial adviser for you


Considering speaking with a financial adviser? This can often raise a range of questions and you may even be wondering how to find a financial adviser that suits you. Find out how you can confidently choose the right financial adviser for you. According to research by the Financial Conduct Authority, only 8% of people in…

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Don’t Leave Retirement Planning too Late


Old age and retirement can feel a long way off, and with the world seemingly lurching from crisis to crisis, many of us are focused on simply getting through the next few days and weeks, rather than looking too far ahead. This approach, however, could simply cause problems in the future, which is why we…

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Laptop greyscale

What Does Rising Inflation Mean for Wage Growth?


The UK is facing a cost of living crisis, with inflation hitting 6.2% in February 2022, and according to the Office for Budget Responsibility, it could average at 7.4% this year. But people’s wages aren’t going up at the same rate, despite the words “high wages” effortlessly tripping off the tongues of government ministers only…

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Digital Trends

The Top Tech Trends for 2022


It is always tempting at the start of a year to look ahead and see what the next 12 months might have in store – and with technology changing more and more quickly, we thought we’d take a look at what could lie ahead in the digital and virtual worlds. Increased use of Artificial Intelligence…

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Financial Advisor Job opening at Ernest Grant.

Financial Advisor Job


We have an exciting and fulfilling opportunity for a Financial Advisor to join our friendly team in Solihull. You will need to be experienced at providing all-round financial planning advice to prospective and existing clients and have a good level of technical knowledge. Our Financial Advisor job is a permanent position offering a competitive salary…

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Market comm featured

The Autumn Budget: Marks out of Ten…


Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered his second Budget speech of the year on Wednesday October 27th. It was, he declared at the start of the speech, “a Budget for a new age of optimism”. He sat down an hour later with Conservative backbenchers furiously waving their order papers as he promised “a…

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Economy recovery featured

Are we right to be Optimistic About the UK Economy?


Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s one of the oldest questions (and clichés) there is. But right now you could be forgiven for thinking that as far as the UK economy goes the glass is not just half full, it’s completely full. The last few weeks have brought us a steady stream…

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england flag

England Vs Your Workplace


England Vs Your Workplace “Good times never seemed so good” – Sweet Caroline echoed around Wembley stadium in support of the England football team. Heading into the Euro 2020 final, we have certainly come a long way from Wayne Rooney saying ‘Nice to see your own fans booing you’ in the 2010 World Cup and…

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