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Cash-stricken areas are looking for alternative bank branches, could churches be the answer?


The closure of cash machines and bank branches has led to losses for local firms and left consumers feeling concerned. As time goes on and we drift more into a cashless society, access to cash is becoming more of a concern. Trials across eight locations have been confirmed as part of a project to solve…

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Tuition Fees – will the Government refund tuition fees if teaching’s now mostly online?


With an expected second wave of Coronavirus on the horizon, or as speculated, already here; many students starting University have found themselves in an unusual position. Anyone who has attended University has no doubt regaled plenty of stories of Freshers week, but with the pandemic restrictions in place, freshers at university will have a different…

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Student Finance: What You Need to Know


If you’re starting university this September, it’s time to get to grips with your finances. When you’ve spent the first eighteen years of your life living in the family home, university offers that first taste of independence and freedom. It’s important to plan how you’re going to fund your new adventure, so we’ve rounded up everything…

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Did Lockdown Change Our Personalities?


There wasn’t just one lockdown – each person had their own unique experience over the three and a half months that were unlike any before. Some were involuntarily forced into months of solitude, while others were holed up in close contact with family members. For some it was a chance to slow down while for…

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Nationwide vs The Bank of Mum and Dad?


The effects of the so-called ‘Stamp Duty Holiday’ have dominated the recent property news. According to Rightmove, recent weeks have seen the highest number of agreed house sales in a single month since it started tracking them a decade ago. However, there has been some slightly less positive news that will affect many first time buyers…

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How to Make More Ethical Spending Choices


The feeling of doing something that might help to make the world a better place is profoundly satisfying. In the wake of the coronavirus crisis, a disaster which has heightened existing inequalities and accelerated poverty across the world, the time is right for all of us to find ways we can live more ethically. If…

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UK High Street Has Most Empty Shops Since 2014


The impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent recession is clear to see while walking through any high street in the UK. With shops being forced to close for several months during lockdown and consumer confidence at a low, many retail units have been unable to reopen at all and the number of empty shops has…

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Over 100 Million Meals Eaten Through ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ Scheme


The Treasury has announced that over 100 million meals were covered by its ‘Eat Out To Help Out Scheme’, which ran on Mondays to Wednesdays throughout the month of August. Restaurants who signed up to the scheme offered diners a 50% discount off their food and (non-alcoholic) drink bill, up to £10 per person. The…

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Rethinking What’s Important and Planning for the Future


The time in lockdown has given people the opportunity to reflect on what’s really important to them. It’s been a time to re-evaluate priorities and think about resetting goals for the future. What about you? What have you missed? Has it made you want to spend more time with family and friends? Are there places…

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The Lockdown Saving Habits You Should Keep Up


Now restrictions have eased and restaurants, pubs and shops open again, most will see their outgoings creep back up. As you start to spend again, here are our top tips on making your lockdown saving habits last for the long run:

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Could Post-COVID Life Become Cashless?


The use of physical cash has already dwindled across the UK in recent years, with the introduction of contactless cards making spending more convenient than ever before. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the use of physical money has reduced much further, with shoppers wary of spreading germs and many businesses refusing to accept cash. The…

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Which Money Personality Are You?


We all have a different relationship with money and recognising your money personality can help you better understand this relationship. Which of the four money personalities are you?

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