Defined Benefit Investment Consultancy

Is your pension fund invested in a way that precisely aligns the needs of the scheme and the objectives of the Trustees? Do you have clarity on the journey ahead? How do you define success and how are you benchmarking performance results?

We often find that schemes are invested in ‘balanced’ solutions only loosely informed by the needs of the scheme and the Trustees investment objectives. Ernest Grant work in partnership with scheme Trustees, scheme Actuaries and investment managers to identify, articulate and deliver on clear objectives through the use of appropriate investment mediums.

We appreciate the challenges faced by scheme Trustees and understand the time pressures involved. The needs of each scheme can vary significantly so our investment consultancy services offer a range of approaches delivering clear advice and engagement across the whole spectrum of Trustee requirements.

  • Provide a needs analysis to identify the Trustees investment objectives
  • Review the scheme’s Statement of Investment Principles
  • Identify the Trustees appetite for risk
  • Provide full strategic review of the schemes current investment strategy and holdings
  • Analyse of the schemes liability profile
  • Produce a forward projection of the schemes assets and liabilities
  • Provide advice in relation to asset allocation strategy for both ‘matching’ and ‘growth’ assets
  • Provide advice in relation to underlying investment approach for both ‘matching’ and ‘growth’ assets
  • Report on the reasons for selection of investment providers and recommended asset allocation strategy
  • Provide ongoing governance reporting and investment analysis
  • Assist in the drafting of member communications
  • Provide training and updates in relation to key investment issues for consideration by the Trustees

Workplace Pensions are regulated by The Pensions Regulator.