Welcome to Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits mean different things to different people, but the range of product solutions and options is ever growing. The marketplace provides a number of options for an employer to consider.

Our role is to work with you to explore each of these and assess them against your business objectives and financial plans. We will then make our recommendations and devise a strategy to embed any new solutions into the  business.

We work to ensure that employees understand what is available to them, appreciate the value of such benefits and make the right short term decisions to benefit them in the longer term.

Employer Sponsored Benefits

Often referred to as ‘core’ benefits, if you the employer pay for it then it’s our aim to ensure you get a return on your investment through increased staff awareness and appreciation.

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Voluntary & Flexible Benefits

Many employers don’t know it but the benefits they already provide have voluntary options, which are either locked-down or unused. Utilising these options can transform a benefits package.

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Salary Sacrifice Solutions

Salary Sacrifice/Exchange works by exchanging part of an employee’s remuneration from cash; on which PAYE tax and NICs are due, to non-cash benefits that are wholly or partially exempt from tax and NICs.

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Health & Wellbeing Strategies

Looking after your employee’s health and wellbeing enables employers to reward and motivate their staff, and can also help an employer to meet their duty of care.

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