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2020 Corporate Updates

Amending Existing Salary Sacrifice Arrangements

HMRC has advised that COVID-19 counts as a ‘life event’, meaning that the terms of a salary sacrifice arrangement could be changed, if the relevant employment contract is updated accordingly, with agreement. The pension scheme rules are separate from any salary sacrifice arrangement that is part of a furloughed worker’s contract of employment. The obligation…

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The way companies prioritise wellbeing has changed hugely since the start of lockdown

There was a time when British office workers would “ooh” and “ah” over online videos of trendy tech firm offices late on a Friday afternoon. You know, the kind with desks accessed via a slide or a running track surrounding the work space. However, lockdown has revealed that what workers value as contributing towards their…

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What Will the New Normal Look Like?

The Covid-19 outbreak has provoked a crisis of such enormous proportions that life won’t immediately return to the way it was before. When some semblance of normality emerges, things will be different – we’re set for huge social, cultural and economic changes. It’s unlikely that we will suddenly wake up in a world where anxieties around…

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Image rights… How HMRC recouped £73m from football

A freedom of information request from accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young found that HMRC investigated 246 professional footballers during the 2019/20 tax year, up from 87 the previous year. The main focus of HMRC’s activity was on image rights, extra revenue which is used to supplement players’ contractual wages. Image rights have been a tax…

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