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August 2023

August Market Commentary

It was a mixed picture across the globe in July, with many major economies beginning to see their efforts to tackle inflation pay off. But while progress is being made in some countries, growth remains sluggish and inflation remains high in several key markets, most notably the UK. As always, let’s take a closer look…

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Why you should carry out a Financial Review

When you create a financial strategy, you’ll often have medium- to long-term goals in mind. But that doesn’t mean it should be set in stone. After all, your situation and circumstances could vary considerably over time. Perhaps you’ll land a new job that significantly increases your income, move to a bigger and more valuable property…

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What’s putting you off investing?

Investing can be a sensible and effective way of maximising your income and making sure your money is working hard for you. So why don’t more of us do it? Well, a new study by Lloyds Bank has found that fear is one big reason, as nearly half of those without investments are unwilling to…

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What life skills do you wish you’d learned at school?

For many of us, our school life was defined by exams; being taught what you need to know to pass important tests. It was only once we left education that we realised we didn’t actually possess much of the information and skills we needed to thrive as adults. Financial literacy is a particularly good example…

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