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December 2023

Savers are missing out on free money

What do you do with your monthly earnings when they land? Do you leave all the money sitting in your current account? Or do you invest some elsewhere, so you can make your money work hard for you and maximise your returns? Well, a new survey by the Building Societies Association (BSA) reveals that many…

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More people in work using private healthcare

It goes without saying that the NHS does an amazing job, thanks to its incredibly talented and dedicated professionals. But it’s far from controversial to say that the health service is under massive strain – and has been for some time. In fact, the NHS backlog recently hit a new record high, with the number…

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December Market Commentary

The ongoing crisis in the Middle East continues to dominate the headlines, although the temporary truce which saw many of the hostages in Gaza released was undoubtedly welcome. However, it must be said that the geopolitical tensions caused by the Israel-Hamas conflict pose a very real risk to the wider global economy, which is already…

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Get your business ready for the unexpected

Any business owner will know that they can face sudden and unexpected challenges, and be forced to grapple with factors that are well beyond their control. Perhaps your premises are damaged in a fire or through crime, or maybe there’s a wider slump in the economy or your industry that hits trading. As a business…

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