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January 2022

January Market Commentary

Introduction  Despite the pandemic, 2020 was a good year for the majority of stock markets we report on in the Bulletin.  We wrote that a year ago and – irrespective of all the ups and downs it brought – 2021 was another good year for world stock markets. All but one of the markets we…

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What will Happen to Interest Rates in 2022?

One of the great worries as the world recovers from the pandemic is inflation. Late last year the Bank of England suggested that inflation ‘might reach’ 5% in 2022. A week later the figures for November came out showing that inflation had already reached 5.1%. The UK is not alone. In Germany, inflation reached 5.2%,…

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Is Rishi Sunak set to Slash Taxes?

In the first week of the New Year there was a story that was widely reported in many of the papers. ‘More and more people pushed into higher rate tax bracket’ ran the headline with – according to which paper you read – either 1m or 1.2m more people are set to pay the 40%…

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