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January 2023

Could we see a Retail Recovery?

As we all know, interest rates have been steadily rising this year. Higher interest rates equal higher mortgage rates, which means less money for householders to spend. Then came the Autumn Statement. Tax thresholds frozen equals more to pay in taxes equals less to spend in the shops. The situation has been much the same…

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What is open banking?

It’s a term we’ve heard a lot recently, so let’s take a close look at what open banking actually is, and how many people know about it. Open banking means allowing third-party financial services providers, such as budgeting apps, to access a person’s banking information, like their payment history and previous transactions. These services have…

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January Market Commentary

As 2022 drew to a close, there was a mixed picture worldwide as major economies sought to respond to soaring energy prices, rising living costs and the continuing impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In our first round-up of the year, we look at where we left off in 2022 all across the world… UK…

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