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June 2022

How much damage will the Ukraine war do to the global economy?

As this article is being written, Vladimir Putin is threatening ‘more invasions.’ Two British fighters captured in Ukraine have been sentenced to death: the BBC is warning of a possible cholera outbreak in Mariupol and the fighting continues in the Donbas. No doubt by the time you read the article the headlines will be different…

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Is Inflation Heading Past the 10% Mark?

As inflation soars to a 40-year high, many analysts, households and businesses are asking just how much higher could it go? The rate of Inflation jumped from seven per cent in March to nine per cent in the 12 months to April, and according to the Bank of England, it’s likely to keep going up…

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June Market Commentary

Introduction The war in Ukraine, worries about food supplies, worries about the global economy… May was another month where all the themes we have become used to were to the fore. Despite this, it was a reasonable month for the stock markets we report on in the Bulletin. China led the way with a gain…

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