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March 2023

Can you afford to retire early?

Early retirement – retiring any time before the state pension age of 66 – is the dream for many. The pandemic focused many people’s minds; making them think about what they want out of life – and for many in a position to make big changes, early retirement was the big one. The House of…

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What would a cashless society mean for you?

Have you ever gone to the till to pay for an item, handed over cash from your pocket and had it refused? As cashless payment methods, such as digital payments by smartphone, become increasingly popular, many businesses are no longer accepting cash. Or at the very least, many are openly asking if their customers can…

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March Market Commentary

Introduction Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 had a huge impact on the global economy, pushing up commodity prices, inflation and living costs around the world. Last month saw the first anniversary of the invasion, and amid the renewed displays of solidarity from leaders in the UK, the US and the European Union, was…

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Get ready for the end of the tax year

The end of the tax year is fast approaching and time is running out. So in the weeks ahead of the April 5th deadline, what steps should you be taking to make the most of your money and reduce your tax bill? Here are just a few areas you could look at. Use your ISA…

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