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November 2021

November Market Commentary

Introduction October was the month that brought us Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s second Budget of the year. Normally that would make the headlines, but October was also a month when the world gave us plenty to worry about. With factors such as rising energy prices and supply chain issues impacting economies worldwide, the UK’s economic outlook…

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Can Small Business’ Afford Net Zero

Even if you live on a remote rock in the middle of the sea you’ll have heard of COP26 – the conference on climate change that has just ended in Glasgow. It ended not with a global commitment to reduce carbon emissions, but with what more sceptical observers have described as a ‘huge win for…

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Why Doesn’t the UK Have a Trade Deal with the US?

“Get Brexit done,” Boris Johnson famously said in his party political spoof of Love Actually just before the last General Election. Well, Brexit got done and – with International Trade Secretary (now Foreign Secretary) Liz Truss leading the way – the UK embarked on a series of deals with other countries, most notably applying to…

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