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October 2021

October Market Commentary

You will no doubt be aware that September was a month when shortages dominated the headlines. As we will see below, it was by no means a problem confined to the UK: sadly it does not look like a problem that will quickly disappear. We have, for example, written previously about the shortage of semiconductor…

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The War for Talent: What is it? And could it impact your Savings and Investments?

Recently there was a story of an American company, The Hut Group, planning to have DJs playing at a return to work celebration. Accountants PwC are offering staff a £1,000 bonus if they will come back to the office, suggesting it can be used for new work wear, commuter bikes or gym membership. Insurance company…

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The UK is the Best Place in Europe to Start a Business

As the UK economy has gradually recovered from the effects of the pandemic there has been the usual mixture of good and bad news. The glass could be half full, with the UK growing at the fastest rate of G20 countries, or half-empty, with worker shortages threatening to derail the recovery, both being headlines within…

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