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October 2023

How early should we start teaching kids about money?

The debate around providing children with financial education has been rumbling on for a very long time. After all, countless studies have shown that many adults simply aren’t comfortable managing their money, or even understand what basic financial terms, from mortgages to interest rates, actually mean. Why? Because they were never taught any of this…

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Why money shouldn’t be a taboo subject

Money affects countless aspects of our lives. So why are so many of us extremely uncomfortable talking about it, even with our nearest and dearest? If you think about it, this silence can only be harmful to us. For example, how can you be sure you’re making well-informed financial decisions if you’ve not discussed them…

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October Market Commentary

Sluggish growth and high inflation have stubbornly persisted across much of the globe in recent months, and September was no different. But some major economies are performing better than others as they grapple with global economic headwinds, and emerging markets in Asia are bucking the prevailing trend by enjoying strong rates of growth. As always,…

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What’s the future for cash payments?

With so many payment options available today, from online banking to contactless and mobile payments, there are genuine questions swirling right now about the future of good old-fashioned cash. But suggestions of its demise seem to be exaggerated, to say the least. According to data from UK Finance, the total number of cash payments rose…

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