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September 2021

September Market Commentary

The defining image of August 2021 had little to do with the stock market on the surface, it was, of course, the withdrawal of British and American troops from Afghanistan. As some readers will know, Afghanistan has significant mineral reserves, which some estimates put at $1tn (£730bn). These reserves include lithium, so it will be…

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Is There any Reason to Worry About Inflation?

If you’re the sort of person who likes their glass half-empty then there will be plenty of opportunities to find something to worry about at the moment. The recovery from the pandemic, global tensions and all the staff shortages in the news can turn anyone into a pessimist. On top of that, some are suggesting…

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Just What is “Wellness?”

The Tokyo Olympics has recently finished and one of the biggest stories of the Games was the decision of American gymnast Simone Biles to pull out of several events in order to, “put my mental health first.” Biles was not the first athlete to prioritise mental health and her general wellness. Tennis player Naomi Osaka…

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