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2020 | Market and Portfolio Updates

Market and Portfolio Update | October 2020

This is likely to have been the deepest recession of our lifetimes. However, as we begin to emerge from shutdowns the economic impact has not been quite as bad as many people had originally feared. As a result, profits forecasts which were too pessimistic are being revised higher, particularly in the US. Although many uncertainties…

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Financial Market Square Mile Update | July

Financial markets performed strongly over the quarter as they recovered their poise following the frenetic selling that occurred in March. Economic activity is rebounding and markets have responded favourably to the determination displayed by governments and central banks to support businesses and consumers through this period. Prices of bonds issued by solid companies have recovered,…

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Market and Portfolio Update | April 2020

Review of Markets The spread of Covid-19 has had a profound impact on the global economy and financial markets. Initial hopes that the disease could be contained within China were soon dashed and the virus has spread very rapidly around the globe. Governments around the world have been forced to shut down large parts of…

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Market and Portfolio Update | January 2020

The portfolio made further progress over the final quarter to complete a very profitable year for investors. The prospect of interest rates remaining at very low levels has lifted valuations of all financial assets, despite the disappointing progress of the global economy. The growth in the global economy is still weak but has at least…

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