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December 2023

December Market Commentary

The ongoing crisis in the Middle East continues to dominate the headlines, although the temporary truce which saw many of the hostages in Gaza released was undoubtedly welcome. However, it must be said that the geopolitical tensions caused by the Israel-Hamas conflict pose a very real risk to the wider global economy, which is already…

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Do you talk with your partner about money?

There’s always been something of a taboo around discussing money, so it’s perhaps little surprise that so many of us are tight-lipped about financial matters with friends and family. But we were taken aback by a new survey showing how many people don’t even talk about their finances with their husband or wife. According to…

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Would you use AI for investment advice?

Artificial intelligence is never too far from the headlines these days, as the debate over its impact on business and global security continues. We’ve even seen UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hold a global summit on AI at Bletchley Park, which was attended by the likes of US Vice President Kamala Harris, Sam Altman of…

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More people in work using private healthcare

It goes without saying that the NHS does an amazing job, thanks to its incredibly talented and dedicated professionals. But it’s far from controversial to say that the health service is under massive strain – and has been for some time. In fact, the NHS backlog recently hit a new record high, with the number…

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