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February 2023

Take a long-term view of your investments

Take a long-term view of your investments In a climate of high inflation, soaring energy prices, war in Europe and looming recession in the UK, you might be thinking of cutting your losses. But when you took out your investment, it’s unlikely that you were planning on collecting lucrative returns straight away. Surely you were…

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How will the Price Cap on Russian Oil Affect You?

We are now less than two months away from the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As all our readers will know, Europe – and in particular, Germany – was hugely reliant on imports of Russian oil and gas, both to heat homes and to power industry. As far back as April of last…

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February Market Commentary

Savers and investors will not shed many tears for the end of 2022. A year that was beset by inflation and rising interest rates meant only three of the major stock markets we report on made gains in the year. That was how we started the final Stock Market Bulletin of last year. So it…

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Why Young Adults Need Professional Financial Advice

If you want answers to any questions, chances are you simply pick up your phone and look online. But there are many questions in life that are simply too big for the internet to answer, ones that require specialist knowledge, insight and expertise. For example, you can’t just Google how you should personally manage your…

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