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Newsletter | 2017

January Market Commentary

Introduction At the start of 2016, Brexit was seen as unlikely and President Trump was seen as impossible. David Cameron was busy negotiating a deal with his European counterparts which would surely secure a comfortable majority for the ‘Remain’ camp – and while Donald Trump might manage a few wins in the primaries, he’d eventually…

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State Pension Age May Rise to 70

Recent reports suggest that the government is planning to raise the official state pension age to 70 for those currently in their 20s. As a more aggressive timetable for increasing state pension age is apparently to be introduced, those in the 45-55 age bracket could be set to receive their state pension when they are…

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1 in 10 People Not Saving Anywhere Near Enough For Retirement

Figures released in November 2016 have revealed that over one in ten (11%) of working people have yet to begin paying into a pension pot. Worryingly, this includes nearly one in ten people in the 51-65 age bracket. The average age at which most people expect to begin saving towards their pension is 46, and almost…

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31% of Brits Have Given Up Saving

A recent study has revealed that almost a third of the population are putting no money at all into savings. The report by the Social Mobility Commission found that 31% of people in Britain have nothing left to save at the end of every month, with 4% saving under £10. Around half save £100 or…

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