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Newsletter | 2018

February Market Analysis

After an unusually extended period of very calm markets, the US stock market has slumped overnight. The size of the falls were large but at 4%, these are not off the scale. Pressure had been building in stock markets throughout January as government bonds fell in price. The global stock market rally began to falter…

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Is the Bitcoin Bubble Close to Bursting?

You may have seen Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson make the news at the end of January after becoming a Bitcoin millionaire. The rapper, actor and businessman made his 2014 album, Animal Ambition, available for purchase for a fraction of a Bitcoin upon release, making around 700 Bitcoin from sales. 50 Cent has admitted that he…

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What Does Open Banking Mean for Your Personal Data?

For many years, bank customers have been secure in the knowledge that their financial information, including their spending habits and levels of debt, are only available to them and their bank. However, thanks to a new ‘Open Banking’ regime, this is now set to change. Nine of the UK’s biggest banks have contacted customers recently…

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Saving Habits of Millionaires

There are no shortcuts or guarantees when it comes to achieving millionaire status. That said, it can’t hurt to look at the financial habits of those who have managed to do just that to try and boost your own coffers. Here are our top tips from looking at those who’ve become millionaires by age 30….

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