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Newsletter | 2016

Does Buy-To-Let Still Pay?

The popularity of investing in property to fund retirement remains prevalent, in spite of the government’s attempts to make buy-to-let less and less attractive. But is buy-to-let investment really a viable alternative to a pension pot, for example? A recent study has investigated the numbers behind each option. The research looked at how £100,000 would…

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Investment Update

Gone, but not forgotten The UK has voted to leave the European Union, which will trigger two years or more of negotiations once Westminster formally notifies Brussels of its intention to secede. However, the referendum result is advisory rather than mandatory and there are significant constitutional issues that must be resolved before such notice can…

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EU Referendum Decision

Good morning, Most of us went to bed last night reasonably confident that the country had voted to stay in the European Union. The reality, a few short hours later, is a victory for the Leave campaign and an uncertain future. However, one thing is certain, we can expect to see a huge volatility in…

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Autumn Statement November 2016 Overview

Introduction The New Chancellor For the last six years, the government’s Budget and Autumn Statement have been synonymous with George Osborne – but as we all now know, the former Chancellor fell victim to Theresa May’s post-Brexit reshuffle. In fact, with his Tatton constituency likely to be impacted under the proposed boundary changes, our former…

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