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July 2023

Should inheritance tax be scrapped or reformed?

Inheritance tax has been hugely controversial for many years, with some arguing it needs to be reformed, and others saying it should be scrapped completely. But the noise of the debate has recently gone up a notch, as more than 50 Conservative MPs, part of the Conservative Growth Group, are now actively calling on the…

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Why you should talk to your children about money

Much of what we learn in childhood can stand us in good stead for when we set out on our own in adulthood. Maybe your parents involved you in household chores such as cooking and cleaning, so you were confident with both when you moved out and lived on your own. But did they ever…

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Are you worried about rising mortgage costs?

Although the government has made tackling inflation one of its core priorities for 2023, the rate of price increases remains stubbornly high – staying stuck at 8.7 per cent in the year to May. As a result, many analysts and observers are expecting the Bank of England to continue hiking up interest rates for some…

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July Market Commentary

Sluggish growth and high inflation were recurring themes in many major and emerging economies last month, as central banks across the globe sought to manage the impact of global economic headwinds. But interestingly, many emerging markets bucked this trend. As always, let’s take a closer look at the details. UK The UK economy saw surprise…

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