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March 2020

March Markets in Brief

By the end of February, Coronavirus’ impact on the world stock markets was clear for everyone to see. A market was doing well if it had only recorded a single digit fall in the month. After the collapse of Flybe, estimates suggest the outbreak will cost airlines up to £23.5bn. Elsewhere, car sales in China…

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How to Help Your Child Get on the Property Ladder

It’s a tough environment for first time buyers. Rising house prices and stagnant wage growth have pushed up the average age of buying a first property to 33. What’s more, first time buyers need to borrow 18 times more than those in the 1970s. Given this context, it’s unsurprising that more and more parents and…

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Is Your Business Ready for the IR35 Reform?

The big issue which has been dominating the accounting world in recent months is IR35. Will businesses be ready when the reforms come in on 6th April?  The overwhelming view expressed by representatives from various accountancy bodies is that most will not be ready because legislation is still not finalised. IR35 was introduced in 2000…

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Your End of Tax Year Checklist

You may have seen lots of literature already about the end of the tax year. But if you’ve not yet taken any action, now is the time to do so to protect your savings from tax. Here is a handy checklist of what to do and what not to do before 5th April. 1. Make…

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